395 - 1

A car comes speeding up behind me. The speedlimit is 65 here and I am going 55 at best. There are mountains in the distance. They are snow capped rocky peaks, they look more like the peaks of ripples on a pond than the high vertical walls that make up most of the Sierra Nevada.  From here they are maybe 30, maybe 60 miles away. I know the peaks, I first saw them from Bodie some time ago. They tell me where I am going, and how far away it is. They tell me how far I have come, anchoring me to a time in the past. I pull to the side of the road and let the car pass. There was a time when these peaks would be in view for days, when the ratio of time to distance was not equal to breakneck speed. I, caught in the present can not have that experience but I can slow down and  turn my head a bit slower.

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